Intuitive Answers

Connecting people, process and technology


Harmonizing the three pillars of your organisation


Your company is only as extraordinary as your people. Culture will tell if people risk telling their boss about new ideas, and whether to surface or hide problems. Intuitive Answers puts people first to create a sustainable work environment; happiness creates success.


Business processes are the infrastructure of your organisation and directly determine your costs and/or customer satisfaction. Intuitive Answers balances out roles and responsibilities to create better results; keeping things simple and staying in control at the same time.


Technology has revolutionised both our office and production environment. Providing you and your people with the right tools to do your jobs well is vitally important. Intuitive Answers delivers User Experience enhancements to make complex technology easy to use.


Kristan Onderwaater

Kristan Onderwaater

To me, the key success factor in solving challenging technical business puzzles. Is knowing how to translate the technical know-how to other (non-technical) parts of an organisation (and vice-versa).

Intuitive Answers is a consultancy which combines the knowledge of human behavior with technical expertise to create the perfect fit between people, processes and technologies in your company. Listening to- and understanding the core purpose of your organisation enables us to deliver the right improvements, among other things, by means of education, coaching, software- and/or business process development or enhancement. By doing so, we create harmonized businesses where people understand the technology they are using, software is intuitive and becomes the tool it needs to be, by supporting the processes of an organisation. This will lead to more desirable results e.g.:

 higher efficiency.
improved productivity.
 increased positive work atmosphere.
 a better strategical overview.
 more time available for innovation and continuous improvements.

Because our technical background incorporates industrial automation, mechatronics and IT we unite the principles of both mechanics, electronics, as computing. Therefore we provide solutions for any business, globally whether it to be a chemical company or a housing association.

"Intuition will tell the thinking mind where to look next."

- Jonas Salk